Reflections on the Mama Love Campaign

As I reflect on my experience of The Mama Love Campaign, I am moved by the unexpected lessons learned along the way. I was reminded that if one genuinely and wholeheartedly commits to a purpose or cause, life rises up as an ally in service of the mission. This happened throughout the campaign; people reached out with words of support and tangible offerings to help mothers in need. There were so many moments of synchronicity and magic, more than I could have imagined! Thank you again to everyone for their support and generosity!

I also found that the more I opened my heart to honoring mothers–whether it was an individual mother or communities of mothers–the more my own personal value and worth as a mother strengthened. This turned out to be an unexpected journey of personal growth for me.

My biggest lesson was this: As I honored and praised mothers during this campaign, the sense of respect, love, and admiration I experienced in moments would surprisingly give way to feelings of grief and sadness. As I processed through the complexity of these emotions, I was reminded of the words of the remarkable author and educator Martin Prechtel. He teaches that grief and praise are not only connected…they are one and the same thing.

As I opened my heart to mothers, myself included, I began to honor and grieve the odyssey of motherhood. As is true for many mothers, the love I have experienced in becoming a parent is profound and unmatched. However, to fully honor and praise mothers, we need to consciously acknowledge the sacrifices and grieve the inherent loss present on this journey. The grief is an expression of praising and honoring the things we have lost, thus valuing ourselves more completely in the process.