Sophie Darch McEntee, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor specializing in Couples & Individual Counselling


About Sophie

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and Registered Clinical Counsellor with 16 years of training and clinical experience working with couples and individuals.

I offer skilled, compassionate, and informed assistance to support my clients in exploring core emotional issues, relationship dynamics, and behavioral patterns. My style is warm, attentive, and engaged.

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Sophie McEntee

Couples Counselling

Every relationship is unique with its own set of strengths and challenges.

I work collaboratively with couples to help identify the specific patterns & cycles that are hindering the relationship.  I help couples develop greater awareness of when & how this is happening, and to discover new tools to better manage these challenges when they do arise.


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Individual Counselling

Psychotherapy helps individuals gain a deeper self-understanding & can awaken in clients more peace and fulfillment.

My one-on-one work is collaborative and client centered.  I meet you where you are at in your life with unconditional support, compassion, and presence.  This alone can be a profoundly healing experience.


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For your convenience, I offer telephone or online therapy. We can connect for sessions while you're in the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is an internet connection and a private space to talk.

"Sophie has helped me over the years develop a better understanding of who I am, what I really need, and how to develop the skills to go for it! I would say the main thing that Sophie offers is a quality of presence that is genuinely interested and deeply compassionate. And she tracks everything! It amazes me how completely she is paying attention. She is a very skilled and helpful therapist. Thank you Sophie!"

- JM

"I worked with Sophie weekly for eight years. I will miss her as she leaves San Francisco for the next chapter in her life. My life has been enriched as the result of working with her in ways I could never satisfactorily describe. Sophie is a special human being. She is a gifted listener who holds a compassionate, non-judgmental space. She is an articulate teacher full of profound wisdom. She welcomed and accepted all parts of me. She has been perhaps the most influential person in my life to date, and I am the man and the partner I am today because of her guidance. Choosing a therapist is a personal decision, and like any intimate relationship, it must be the right fit. But my message to those who will begin their work with Sophie as she arrives in her new city: you are inheriting a blessing. Thank you, Sophie, for more than I could ever repay."

- BT

"Sophie is an incredibly compassionate, empowering and intuitive therapist.  I really appreciate the depth of her work and her ability to see and understand me in ways I haven't been able.  I also feel very comfortable and relaxed when I walk into her office.  I would highly recommend Sophie!!!"

- SV

"Sophie is an amazing blend of the most important qualities you can find in a therapist: she is warm, honest, smart, extremely intuitive and super fun when the moment calls for it! She offers deep compassion that inspires bravery in the face of life's big challenges. As a colleague, I highly recommend Sophie's work."

- CC

"Sophie is an exceptionally present, insightful, and caring therapist. I have learned so much from her in the time I have known her. In a really unassuming and warm way, she brings so much wisdom and clarity to her work. You can tell she both draws from her beliefs and from her own personal experience. I would refer other people to her without reservation."

- RS

“Sophie is a rare experience of embodied wisdom and skillful practitioner. I have referred both individuals and couples to her practice with exceptional results. She offers a seamless integration of somatic and psycho-dynamic skills.  She is genuine, warm, insightful, and is strikingly empathic.  Her empathy is a gift.  This unique combination makes her qualified for a wide range of clients.”

- ML

“Sophie is a really special therapist. She is intuitive, creative, compassionate, and clear-minded.  Never once did I feel uneasy or unsure about bringing topics to Sophie.  She genuinely cared about me which is something that cannot be feigned. Based on our work together, I highly recommend Sophie to those who are seeking a therapist.”

- PK

“I immediately felt comfortable talking with Sophie.  She really put me at ease and made me feel safe right off the bat.  I have never met a more compassionate or empathic therapist.  Sophie really treats you with integrity and the utmost respect.  I never felt that I had to censor myself at all.”

- TG

“I would recommend Sophie to anyone looking for a skilled, seasoned, deeply compassionate, caring and professional therapist. She is insightful and thoughtful and also has a great sense of humor. Highly recommend!”

- MD

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